The latest news of film capacitor price rise

Release time: 2021-03-31 16:19:46  Hits: 11

The year 2020 is a crazy year for thin film capacitors, and the order volume of each factory is full. Although entering 2021, the hot market is still continuing, but the bad news is that the price of thin film capacitors may rise this year due to the rising cost of raw materials.

Below is the film capacitance increases the latest news, most of the current film capacitor production prices of raw materials are clear clearly rising, such as metallized film (8-15% over the same period), metal wire (rose 20%), epoxy (rose 15%), at the same time all sorts of auxiliary material prices also on the rise, then superimposed on the exchange rate change, rising labor costs and other factors, this year's film capacitor price will rise.

At present, from the situation of the major manufacturers, the price of the film capacitor is expected to be about 5%~8%, some manufacturers may rise more, and at present all kinds of raw materials are continuing to rise, so the late film capacitor may also rise

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